WorkFinder.folio sessions

Creative portfolios are a lot more complex than they’re often given credit for. They’re put together as a expression of your creativity yet their primary role is to convince someone else (usually a stranger) that what they’re looking at will contribute to their business’s creative expression.

Then there’s all those other questions…


How many pieces of work should be in a portfolio?

This will depend on the amount of work you’ve done that you're happy to present but as rule of thumb 10-12 pieces of work is probably about right.

What should be included?

Work you’re excited about presenting. Work that allows you to talk about your creative process. 

Is it digital or is it a traditional portfolio?

Whichever you’re most comfortable with as a presentation format.

Does it need to try and stand out from the crowd, and if so, how?

No…unless you've got an extraordinarily good idea about to do this. It needs to be professional and most importantly, it needs to help you talk about you.

Who runs the session?

The sessions will be run by a member of the if academy team.

What does a session involve?

The if academy team member will review your portfolio with you and will advise you on what you can do to make it work harder for you.

How long is a session?

Portfolio sessions run for half an hour.

What does a session cost?

Each session costs $75 (incl GST).

Can I have additional sessions if I want?

Yes. You can have as many sessions as you think you need.

Do additional sessions cost the same as the first session?


What can I expect to get out of the sessions?

You can expect some really good advice about how to make your portfolio as industry focused as possible. Even if there isn’t much work needed to get it up to where it should be, you’ll at least have had some practice presenting your work so that you’ll feel more confident when it comes to your job interview.

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