WorkFinder.Connect is an extension of what happens on a regular basis in the design industry. Design businesses looking for a new hire will often ask their industry connections if they know anyone whose looking. Almost just as frequently, if a studio interviews someone but isn’t in a position to hire them, they’ll often spread the word amongst their industry connections.

Because we’re talking with industry all the time, we often hear about studios looking to hire. Equally, because our programs keep us connected to young designers, we also get to hear about who’s looking for a job.


What exactly is WorkFinder.Connect?

It’s database we’ve set up designed to help connect individuals looking for a creative job with businesses looking to hire someone and vice versa.

Who is WorkFinder.Connect for?

It’s for individuals looking for a creative job and businesses looking to hire someone.

How does it work?

if we believe a young creative who’s successfully signed up for the program has the potential to be a good fit for a particular business that’s also signed up, we will connect the two parties. Connections will only be made when we think there’s the potential for a constructive outcome. What happens after we’ve made the connection is up to the parties involved.

What does it cost?

Signing up to WorkFinder.Connect is free.

However, if you’re the person looking for a job, there’s a $200 (incl GST) fee in the connection results in you being employed.

If you  hire someone who you met through WorkFinder.Connect, there’s a fee of 2% of their annual salary (excluding superannuation) if the person you hire stays with you beyond three months.

I’m looking for a job. How do I apply to join?

WorkFinder.Connect is a selective program so you’ll be required to attend an interview with one of our team members. Successful applicants are added to the WorkFinder.Connect database.

I’m looking to hire someone. How do I apply to join?

Simply get in touch and let us know the details of the role/s you’re looking to fill.

Once I’m on the WorkFinder.Connect database, how long does my name stay there?

The short answer is “as long as it takes to find the right job/person”. Because we know the people involved, we’re able to keep the database up to date. We’ll notify you when we’re about to take your details off the database.

Who’s responsible for the WorkFinder.Connect database and who gets to see it?

The database is managed by the management team at if. It’s strictly confidential and is never shared. The management team uses its knowledge of the individuals on the database as the basis on which to connect people looking for a job and businesses who are hiring.

How do I take my details off the WorkFinder.Connect database?

Simply contact us at and we’ll take your name off the database.