UX  Studio program

User Experience Design is the differentiating factor for many sectors and there’s never been a better time to skill up and take on new challenging projects. UX is a really exciting area to move into and this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to lead user-centred projects, making you a valuable asset to any team, employer and client.

Our course is aimed at people who want more industry contact and experience and in the process want to expand their skill sets, work on more industry relevant projects for their folio and become better designers and business analysts.

Created to provide practical insight into the various elements of user experience (UX), this course covers everything from research methods and techniques to interaction design concepts and usability testing.

Over the duration of the 10 week course, you will meet a series of mentors from a selection of studios and agencies who specialise in UX services. As well as learning their methods and tricks, you will undertake an industry relevant brief set by them to give you an opportunity to learn and grow your own skills. Upon completion each person will then have the opportunity to present their solution back to the industry mentor for critique and feedback.

Course overview

+ 2 nights a week for 12 weeks
+ Meet the mentors from 3-4 studios
+ Be challenged through 3-4 briefs
+ Present your work to industry experts
+ Showcase your work at an industry exhibition

+ UX Principles - how the pros do it
+ User Research - testing and learning
+ Information Architecture - problem solving
+ Interaction Design - UI patterns and prototyping
+ Industry Learning - directly from the best
+ Hands-on Projects - learn by doing
+ Industry relevant briefs

Key Learning Outcomes

+ Fill out the application form
+ Meet with our Course Coordinator for an informal interview where you will discuss your level of knowledge and experience, to make sure the program is the right fit for you.
+ Show examples of UX knowledge, interest and experience.