UX Design

Studying the UX Design course will provide you with an understanding of the UX industry’s processes and techniques. You will also learn about workflow for UX design projects. The course includes ideation, wireframing and industry insights into user testing, what’s useful and what’s not. At the end of the course you’ll have a UX design project for your portfolio and a range of resources to help you keep learning more.


LOCATION | Melbourne

DURATION | 6 weeks, one night per week


COST | $990 (incl GST)

About the Mentor

Sheree Hannah

Sheree Hannah.JPG

UX LEAD | Carter Digital
FOLLOW SHEREE | twitter.com/shereeha

Sheree is a strategic and user-centric designer passionate about solving big, messy, complex problems. With 10 years experience, she has worked on projects for Heinz, Nissan, Holden, Fairfax, Vegemite, Hungry Jack's, QV Skincare, Village Roadshow and Monash University. Sheree is currently working as the UX Lead at Carter Digital, one of Australia’s leading Experience and Innovation agencies.

Course Overview

Week 1 - Introduction to user experience design

Welcome and overview | Intro to UXD | UX vs UXD | Iterative process | Problem vs solution

Week 2 - Insight to MVP

Research & discovery | Project strategy | MVP | User journey mapping

Week 3 - IA & Wireframes

IA & sitemaps | Lofi wireframes | Hifi wireframes

Week 4 - User Testing

User Testing | Iterative process | Accessibility | Ideation & visual design

Week 5 - UI Patterns

UI Patterns and/or style tiles | UI user flows

Week 6 - Design critique and retro

Presentations | Critique techniques | | Next steps