Our commitment through if academy is to deliver industry led, industry focused courses based on a culture if ideas, original thinking and innovation within the communication/digital/graphic design industry and the wider business community.


if academy’s courses are deliberately non-accredited because it gives them all the flexibility they need to focus on industry based outcomes as their primary objective.

The courses are written and delivered exclusively in partnership with leading, senior industry practitioners. This means you’re going to learn what the industry thinks you should learn.

The only criteria you’ll have to measure yourself against is what the industry is looking for. There are no exams or tests to pass and the projects you’ll be working on won’t have grades. When designers present their work to clients, they aren’t given grades. They get feedback which is how you’ll be working too.

Our vision is to provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and experience in an industry led environment. We understand that each of our students are individuals so our courses are designed to help you achieve your professional goals.

We want to connect people who want to learn, with the best industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge to share. In order to do that we want to allow flexibility and agility to change our courses in line with industry innovations.
— Marissa Mills - if academy co-founder

Why we are non-accredited

Being non-accredited is really important to us. It's important because:

  • It gives us all the flexibility we need to create industry led programs
  • We can update program content to keep up with industry trends quickly and efficiently
  • It gives our teachers (who are all industry practitioners) all the scope they need to deliver dynamic, contemporary content
  • There’s no pressure for anyone to have to pass anything. You learn what you want to learn…and only what industry thinks you need to know.