graduate program

designed by designers and taught by designers to create designers that the industry wants.

Custom built for designers who have just graduated* or designers who may already be working but who would like to develop a deeper set of skills.

* You’re welcome to apply if you’ll be graduating soon.

It’s also one of the best programs you can do if you’re thinking about starting your own business.

We’ve developed the program in consultation with some leading people in the industry who frequently comment that young designers often lack the knowledge and skills they need to understand (a) how design is integral to pretty much everything all businesses do and (b) that the business of design is exactly that - a business.

WHAT the journey involves

You’re about to enjoy a truly unique experience. You’ll be meeting a wide range of leading industry professionals all of whom will help you learn pretty much everything there is to know about how design businesses work. They’ll also help you develop a really strong set of industry focussed skills.

You’re also about to spend 12 weeks with a small group of like-minded people - people you’ll find yourself learning with and from.



Establishing what design businesses are/do

First you’ll be coming up with an idea for a new business…which will act as your client. Because it’s important to care about the world we live in, the business will have to be socially and/or environmentally responsible. Once you know what idea for the business is, you’ll then be doing everything that has to be done to launch it. This includes…

Creating the brand identity

Understanding what a brand actually is and what makes a brand successful is a fundamental part of the designer’s role.

Organising the business assets

As we said at the start, design is a business just like any other. Developing an understanding of what a business needs in order to function efficiently and effectively is a critical part of a designer’s tool kit. How can you convince a client you’ll be good for their business if you don’t understand how business works?


Writing key copy and communications material

Having a great idea is one thing…being able to explain to your audience why it’s a great idea and why they should get involved is something else again. Yes, designers have to think about content (words) almost as much as they have to think about the way things look.

Creating the brand identity

Understanding what a brand actually is and what makes a brand successful is a fundamental part of the designer’s role.

Having your idea open for business

Over the 12 weeks of the program you’ll have covered everything that needs to be covered in order to have your business up and running. This gives you a get out of jail free card when it comes to the industry being critical about young designers’ lack of knowledge about business because you’ll be able to demonstrate a really solid understanding of what it takes to make a business work.

We are busy writing the curriculum, consulting with industry and getting everything ready however if you register your interest by making an enquiry, we will contact you to answer all of your questions.