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The courses we offer are specifically designed to give you the skills to succeed in an industry where new career opportunities are being created every day.


Our Short Courses are taught by industry professionals and designed to help you learn new skills quickly in no more than 6 weeks.

Our intensive 12 week Mentor Programs are where you'll meet senior designers from a range of studios who will challenge you with real briefs.

Our Journeyman program is a custom built, non-accredited alternative to becoming a designer. Hands-on and skill-based, it's all the stuff the design industry wants you to know.

Here’s to the dreamers. The people who are more excited by what could be than by what is. Inspired by their imagination they see the power of ideas. Where others see boundaries they see opportunities. They see knowledge as the means to an end and not as an end in itself. They see questions where others see answers. Here’s to the dreamers who see a world full of possibilities and ask imagine if..?
— Simon Pemberton - and with perhaps more than just a passing nod to Apple’s “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” TV commercial

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MElbourne | Starts WEDNESDAY 27 SEPTEMBER | one night per week for 6 weeks

Learn the skills and principles of user experience research methods and data analysis processes. Read more >>


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